Short Course in Continuous Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Technology

There are currently no upcoming offerings for this course.

Program Overview

Day 1 – QbD as it applies to continuous manufacturing. Review of the basic steps needed to transition from Batch to continuous system. Hands on experience with material characterization. Determining, measuring, and analyzing Critical Quality Attributes, determining Critical Process Parameters and examining their effects, analysis of raw material properties, intermediate material properties, and in process parameters.

Instructors: Professor Fernando Muzzio and Dr. Xue Liu  

Day 2 – Process Components.  Review of main technology options for continuous direct compression, continuous dry granulation via roller compaction, continuous wet granulation, and hot melt extrusion. Review of process components: conveying systems, feeders, mills, blenders, granulators, tablet press, continuous coating.

Instructors: Professor Fernando Muzzio, Professor Alberto Cuitiño, Professor Rohit Ramachandran

Day 3 – Process Design and Operation: Process monitoring, modeling and control. Process simulation, expose and hands on experience with different simulation software (gProms, Aspen) sensitivity analysis, variability propagation.

Instructors: Professor Marianthi Ierapetritou, Professor Rohit Ramachandran

Text Book

Course materials and handouts will be provided.