Corporate Sustainability Manager
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Program Overview

Become a certified Corporate Sustainability Manager (CSM). As a CSM, you will help define and implement your organization’s sustainability strategy. Remove the ambiguity that surrounds the term sustainability and learn concrete steps that you can take to impact your business' bottom line and the environment.

As a certified Corporate Sustainability Manager, you will learn seven aspects of corporate and organizational sustainability: Zeroing out Waste, Innovating with Sustainable Design, Reducing Carbon Footprints (Life Cycle Analysis and Energy Efficiency), Maximizing Natural Resources, Resource Efficient Transportation, Galvanizing Stakeholders, and LEEDing facilities construction, operations, and maintenance. Learn how Walmart, Nestle, Dial, and other Fortune 500 leaders are redefining corporate sustainability and how that will impact you and your business.

What is Corporate/Organizational Sustainability?

Businesses around the world are realizing that harmonizing business practices with environmental stewardship is not only the right thing it to do, it is also just good business. Whether it’s greening your supply chain, launching a new green product or service, reducing your corporate carbon footprint, developing eco-friendly office processes, or attaining LEED certification for your new building, this training will help you.

Who Should Attend?

You should attend if:

  • You need help defining or implementing your organization’s sustainability strategy
  • You are developing strategies and a business plan for a new green product or service
  • You are starting a sustainable business
  • You want to evaluate the costs and benefits of competing sustainability options
  • You want to educate staff, vendors, and/or partners on environmental stewardship


Skills You Will Acquire

  • Learn the regulatory proposals and requirements that will affect your business in the future
  • Learn to identify and measure your company’s or product’s environmental impacts
  • Learn how to conducting a carbon footprint assessment and recommending ways to go “carbon neutral”
  • Learn to Develop a communications plan for promoting your firm’s environmental activities
  • Learn how to integrate LEED for facility or construction projects (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, US Green Building Council)
  • Learn how to zero out waste

Program Outline

Day 1: Defining Sustainability
Course Introduction
Defining Sustainability
Biosphere Impacts
Factors Driving Sustainability
Day 2: Environmental Indicators
Global Reporting Initiative
Emissions & Effluents
Products & Services
Supply Chain
Day 3: Implementing Sustainability
Life Cycle Assessments
Green Building
Green Purchasing
Governance and Reporting
CSM Exam Review and Questions

Course completed
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