Commercial Building Energy Auditor
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Program Overview

This 40 hour course provides you with essential tools to become a commercial building energy manager. You will learn the fundamentals of building energy consumption and gain the confidence necessary to conduct commercial energy audits on various types of buildings. Energy saving opportunities in this class include HVAC and refrigeration system upgrades, building envelope improvements, and lighting retrofit opportunities. Gain control over your energy costs and create a systematic plan to optimize your maintenance procedures and maximize your energy system investments.

Who Should Attend?

  • Architects, Engineers, and Construction Managers
  • Multi-building Facility Managers
  • Government Facility Managers
  • General Contractors
  • Commercial HVAC contractors
  • Insulation Contractors
  • Utility Representatives & Managers
  • Property Managers

Skills You Will Acquire

In today's competitive business environment, energy efficiency is a key element in maintaining a healthy bottom line. For companies, improve your energy efficiency and develop long-term, sustainable energy management strategies. For individuals, increase your marketability to employers or give your small business another revenue stream. Knowing how to save energy cost effectively is an invaluable resource for anyone working in the building industry.

With increasing energy costs, building owners and small businesses are increasingly looking to reduce costs by improving their energy efficiency. This course will teach you how to achieve the greatest savings for the least up-front cost in commercial offices, retail, grocery stores, warehouses, houses of workshop, apartment buildings, and a variety of other types of buildings.

Program Outline

This intense course includes a mix of lecture, practical exercise, and hands-on training. You will be continuously engaged and challenged throughout the training. Everblue's Commercial Energy Manager training includes the following:

  • Basics of Building Energy Consumption & Major Building Systems
  • Energy Codes and Standards – learn ASHRAE
  • Energy Auditing Tools & Software
  • Conducting a Commercial/Industrial Energy Audit
  • Financial Incentives, Performance Contracting & Tax Rebates


Day 1: Basics of Building Energy Usage

Major Building Energy Systems
HVAC Systems
Boiler systems
Onsite Energy Generation, Cogeneration, Fuel Cells, and Micro-Turbines
Process Equipment (High-efficiency motors & variable speed drives)
Maintenance Practices & Procedures
Utility Rate Structures & Peak load reduction
Energy management control systems
Power quality management
Energy cost index

Day 2: Energy Codes and Standards

ASHRAE 90.1 & 189
EPA Energy Star program & building label
EPA Green Lights program
Government standards — FEMP

Day 3: Energy Auditing Tools & Software

Blower Door
Infrared Temperature Devices
Duct Flow & Leakage Testing
Light level meters
Combustion Testing
Data Capture Tools
Energy Star Portfolio Manager

Day 4: Conducting a Commercial/Industrial Energy Auditing (Half-day Onsite, if possible)

Purpose of the Energy Audit
Energy Auditor Forms & Data tools
Major Systems Cataloging and Testing
Identifying Immediate Opportunities
Analysis & Energy Management Planning

Day 5: Financing, Capital Planning, and Incentives

Life Cycle Costing
Utility Programs, Rebates, and Incentives
Tax Considerations
Performance Contracting
PEM Exam Review and Questions


Course completed
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