BPI Envelope/Shell Professional Training

Program Overview

Once you have earned your BPI Building Analyst (Energy Auditor), it's time to enhance your skills and propel yourself and your company ahead of the competition. This course is a residential specialization that focuses on ways to enhance the envelope's thermal and pressure boundaries through insulation and airsealing techniques.

Why BPI Envelope-Sheel Professional Training? The BPI Envelope certification in conjunction with the Building Analyst certification will make your company eligible to apply for Accreditation (if your company is in an industry field i.e. insulation, weatherization, window installation company etc.). Accreditation can be useful for acquiring various incentives throughout each state.

Who Should Attend?

HERS Raters, BPI Building Analyst Professionals, Home Inspectors, HVAC Professionals, Insulation Professionals, General Contractors, Home Builders, Engineers, Architects, and more.

Pre-requisites: Although the class includes a review of some Building Analyst concepts, students must have had Building Analyst training and certification to take this class.

Skills You Will Acquire

As an individual this course will prepare you to understand not only how to analyze a home, but help you to understand why the process is so important. Every home is different and it is important to understand not only what is happening, but why problems related to the building envelope such as moisture, ice dams, mildew and drafts were created in the first place.

Program Outline

BPI Building Shell Envelope Syllabus


  • Thermal & Pressure Boundary Evaulation
  • Air Sealing & Dense-pack Techniques
  • Prioritizing Air Sealing Work
  • Insulation Techniques & Applications
  • Window & Door Inspections
  • Ventilation Requirements and Systems
  • Health & SafetyTesting In and Testing Out Procedures

Field Training

  • Testing In and Testing Out Procedures
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment
  • Indoor Moisture Sources & Solutions
  • Critical Shell Identification & Inspection
  • Blower Door Applications
  • Duct Diagnostics


Included with this BPI Envelope Course

  • Pre-course study material including quizzes and review
  • Everblue Study Guide
  • 1 day of classroom training
  • 1 day of field training
  • BPI Envelope Professional proctored written exam and written exam fee
  • BPI Envelope Professional one-on-one proctored field exam and field exam fee

Additional Information

What is BPI Certification?

LEED ConsultinBPI Memberg Team BPI Certification is a standards-based home performance program that aims to help you differentiate your business from the competition. By ensuring certified staff, quality management, and the delivery of consistent, high-quality services on every project, BPI Certification helps you raise the bar in home performance contracting. Certification requires a true commitment to approach each project from a house-as-a-system perspective and to meet nationally-recognized BPI standards every time. The Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) is a recognized global leader, supporting the development of a highly professional building performance industry through individual and organizational credentialing. BPI works with building performance industry stakeholders to ensure that the professional bar for excellence in building performance contracting is established and maintained by creating and regularly updating technical requirements through an open, transparent, consensus-based development process. BPI also offers added support services that promote and stimulate infrastructural development, emphasizing education and outreach.


What value does BPI accreditation bring to my business?

BPI Certified Contractors stand out from the crowd. By offering real solutions - not quick fixes - you show you are serious about home performance contracting. By educating customers on the value of the whole-home approach and providing a comprehensive evaluation of their home's problems, you differentiate yourself and your business.

What is the value of having my staff certified?

Employing BPI Certified staff is proof that your staff has gone through rigorous, credible training. BPI Certified Professionals know how to apply house-as-a-system techniques in upgrading the performance of homes. Your customers will appreciate that your staff can locate the real problems and fix them without jeopardizing other systems in their house. Happier clients mean more referrals, fewer callbacks, and greater profitability.

Who can become BPI certified?

Anyone. While no formal experience is necessary to participate in most examinations, we strongly recommend you seek appropriate training (which we offer) and have some experience in the building performance industry.

Are there other BPI certifications beside BPI Building Analyst?

Yes. However, successful completion of the BPI Building Analyst certification exam is sufficient to become BPI certified. If you want to expand your skill set and business offering, we encourage you to take other BPI certifications.  For more information, visit this FAQ

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