Dr. Richard Mammone

Dr. Mammone is the Associate Vice President of Corporate Liaison, Director of CAIP, Director of the BEST Institute and a Rutgers University Professor with a joint appointment in the Rutgers Business School and the School of Engineering. He serves as an interface between industry and Rutgers University by coordinating various events, web sites and projects that combine business and technology interests into useful enterprises. The BEST Institute is primarily concerned with starting new companies based on Rutgers intellectual property (IP). The CAIP center provides Cyber infrastructure platforms to industry and academic agencies. Dr. Mammone’ research interests are in computational pattern recognition and in the processes involved in the innovation of new technological products and their impact within their value chain. He has published over 150 papers and four books, supervised many graduate students and serves as consultant to many industrial and government agencies.

  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, City University of New York
  • Associate Vice President of Corporate Liaison,  Responsible for technology commercialization in the areas of Physical Sciences and Engineering
  • Professor of Business and Engineering
  • Founder and CEO of Speakez, which was sold to T-NETIX (NASDAQ) and later to Nuance (NASDAQ).
  • Co- founded Computed Anatomy - which holds patents used today for Lasik surgery. This company was sold to the Tomey, in Japan.
  • Funded an e-Learning company called the mBook company, which was co-funded by Cisco and other strategic investors.
  • Principal investor in a firm provides a device that is approved by the FAA for the detection of plastic explosives in airline baggage.
  • He has help numerous entrepreneurs start, sell and buy high technology companies.
  • He holds over a dozen patents many of which generate royalties.