Dr. Ozgur Ozkul

Ozgur Ozkul, PhD, PE is a Senior Structural Engineer at Leslie E. Robertson Associates (LERA) NY. He received his B.S. from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, and M.S., and Ph.D., from Rutgers University. Prior to joining LERA, he was a graduate research assistant at the Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Technology at Rutgers University. Dr. Ozkul taught both elementary and advanced courses in civil engineering. As project manager at LERA, Dr. Ozkul provides detailed guidance to the analysis and the development of the structural design, and coordinates the structural engineering services with Owner, Architect, Services Engineer and Contractor. He took part in the design of landmark projects such as the World Trade Center Tower 4 in NYC, Newseum in Washington DC, Horizen Tower and John Jay College Extension in NYC, among many international projects. He is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in California, with experience in Seismic and Wind Design of high-rise and long-span structures. His research interests include prestressed concrete, structural testing and structural reliability. He is a member of American Concrete Institute (ACI), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and ASCE Metropolitan Section Structures Group.